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The 45-minute High-Energy Cardio-Fitness Challenge!

A kick-butt workout DVD for those who seriously want to get fit and stay healthy.
This is Charles Harris' first DVD for the Chizel-It! Fitness Program. It's a challenging, but easy-to-follow exercise program that covers abs, cardio and basic strengthening exercises.

Charles will have you doing kicks, jumping jacks, an easy step routine and working with light weights. You will not get bored because Charles also has selected some great music to help you keep the pace!

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DVD Video. Run Time: 49 minutes.
DVD price: $19.95. S&H Flat Rate: $2.50 for U.S. Shipping.
The New Fitness Breakthrough. The Body Sculpting Edition.

"Super Chizel-It!" is a combination of weights, cardio and functional training. This latest in the series of Chizel-It! Program videos will help you to achieve a leaner, stronger and more efficient body.
Super Chizel-it
Super Chizel-It!'s drill style program is challenging and easy to follow much like the other videotapes in the series.

This heart pounding workout gives you resistance, cardiovascular and stability training all in one workout.
This workout will make you look and feel younger as you become more confident and determined to reach your fitness goals.

DVD Video. Run Time: 53 minutes. DVD Price: $19.95. S&H Flat Rate: $2.50 for U.S. Shipping.
DVD Videos are sold directly from Charles Harris.
To order from Charles directly:
e-mail to chizelitFitness@comcast.net
"Chizel-It with Charles Harris"
"Super Chizel-It with Charles Harris"
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