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Excellent and fun way to lose weight!
  Members of the chizeled running team are trained by local health and wellness professionals who assist beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners with biomechanical evaluations, designing individual training plans, and incorporating a nitrition plan into your running.

  Running Clinic Overview:
1. Biomechanical Evaluations
2. Training Plans · Establishing an individual running program · Training zones & energy systems · Alternative exercises, Strenghts training, Drills, Heart rate based training
3. Nutrition/Wellness · Balance of food calories · High energy foods · Good vs. bad carbs & proteins
4. Running Tips, Equipment, clothing, footwear
5. Monthly 5k races and one annual Marathon
Summer Camp
Weekly Kids Fitness Classes

Surprised? Yes, we have the classes for kids ages 8-16!

Television, computers and video games have replaced many of the physical activities children once enjoyed. We often hear words like 'obesity', 'heart disease', 'high blood pressure' and 'diabetes' when discussing our kids. teaching your children the importance of fitness and proper nutrition is vital to maintaining their health. Check our Fitness and Kids program for your children's health and fitness needs. We offer a variety of fun activities your kids will love.
  Welcome to Chizel It Fitness Group & Personal Training!

 We have a variety of classes to suit any level participant. There are many benefits in coming to exercise in a group setting. Group fitness programs can help people at any stage of life to build positive health habits, increase strength, improve flexibility, challenge cardiovascular endurance, lose weight, tone muscles, and develop better balance. Participation in our group classes offers opportunities for friendship, a sense of well-being, increased self-confidence and improved mental abilities. You receive motivation from the instructor and the other participants. Whether you're stretching, toning, stepping, dancing or doing any group class, you'll be welcome and encouraged to continue. Take a look at our schedules and class descriptions to see which class will suit you best.
 For more information or questions feel free to contact our Group Exercise Coordinator at 410-356-9099.
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